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Download Kikin Browser for iPad

Few hours back kikin Inc releases browser for iPad that offer simple and touch-based browsing interface.Kikin Browser offers all the third party browsing features you’d expect, including tabbed navigation, a homepage with multiple favorite sites, and simple bookmarking.Kikin Browser also supports long-pressing any word on the page to create an automatic search for that phrase. This means it only takes a second to find the definition of a word.
kikin browser

Kikin Browser Features

Fast, Easy, Smart Search
Search without typing or copy-and-paste.  Long press to get instant results.

Instant Knowledge and Learning
kikin EasySearch™ delivers better results.

Fast Maps
Long press on an address and kikin will display a map of the desired location.

Omni Bar and Friendly Tabs
kikin makes browsing easy.  Manage multiple pages simultaneously with tabs.

Quickly share with others via Facebook, Twitter or Email

Kikin Browser app for iPad is free and available on app store.

Download Kikin Browser for iPad

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